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J5 Consulting delivers Information Technology Solutions to achieve efficient, effective and secure handling of electronic assets. We provide best in class solutions that incorporate appropriate protective measures to keep data safe in transit and at rest.

Areas Of Specialization

Information Assurance and Security

Measures that protect and defend information and information systems by ensuring their availability, integrity, authentication, confidentiality, and non-repudiation. These measures include providing for restoration of information systems by incorporating protection, detection, and reaction capabilities. NIST Information Security refers to the processes and methodologies which are designed and implemented to protect print, electronic, or any other form of confidential, private and sensitive information or data from unauthorized access, use, misuse, disclosure, destruction, modification, or disruption.

Threat Modeling

Computer security optimization process that allows for a structured approach while properly identifying and addressing system threats. The process involves systematically identifying security threats and rating them according to severity and level of occurrence probability. By identifying and rating these security threats through a solid understanding of the system or application, a security officer can logically address the threats, beginning with the most pressing.

Operations and Maintenance

People and management processes associated with IT service management to deliver the right set of services at the right quality and at competitive costs for customers.

Network Operations Support Centers

In the NICE Workforce Framework, cybersecurity work where a person: Installs, configures, tests, operates, maintains, and manages networks and their firewalls, including hardware (e.g., hubs, bridges, switches, multiplexers, routers, cables, proxy servers, and protective distributor systems) and software that permit the sharing and transmission of all spectrum transmissions of information to support the security of information and information systems.

Enterprise Service Desk Support

First point of contact within an organization to handle communications with system users in the management of IT related incidents and requests for service.

Identity and Access Management

The methods and processes used to manage subjects and their authentication and authorizations to access specific objects.

Independent Verification and Validation

Independent appraisal of a system’s development project ensuring the product is built right and that the right product is built.

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