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J5 Consulting is pleased to announce that we recently earned ISO 9001:2015 Certification. Over the past several months, the voluntary certification process allowed us to review and improve our company’s quality management system. This enhanced system ensures that our company is more efficient and that we are constantly striving to improve the overall customer experience of our products and services. 

Through certification, we sought to improve our internal processes, ensure that we always address our customer’s current needs, and better anticipate emerging challenges and developments that could impact the industry. 

ISO Certification makes J5 Consulting stand out as a leading IT and software consulting company throughout the world. 

J5 Consulting’s ISO Certification Process 

ISO Certification is always conducted and granted by an independent and certified third-party accreditation body. This process ensures that the overall review and certification are authentic and free from any bias or opinion. ISO standards are reviewed every five years to determine if any updates or revisions are required. 

At the start, J5 Consulting underwent an evaluation process that included quality management system development, a management system documentation review and audit, a review of our existing processes, and an initial assessment that concluded that no non-conformances were identified. 

Based on guidance during our accreditation process, we created a specific paradigm to ensure that J5: 

  • Offers products and services on a consistent basis that meets customers’ needs. 
  • Meets or exceeds statutory and regulatory requirements. 
  • Works constantly to enhance customer satisfaction. 
  • Addresses risks and opportunities for our customers and their specific projects. 
  • Demonstrates conformity for specific quality management system requirements. 

How ISO Certification Benefits Our Customers 

Customers today face a variety of IT challenges and also must be prepared for emerging trends and future threats that could impact their business. 

The ever-changing and evolving threat of cyber attacks on a company’s infrastructure and equipment requires solutions that can adapt and respond in real-time to prevent disruptions, theft, and loss of productivity. Customers also seek to protect their vital assets and sensitive data, including personally identifying information, to ensure continuity of their operations.  

ISO Certification ensures that J5 has optimized procedures to meet our customers’ exact needs when facing these issues. This is found in every phase of the solutions we provide, from development to execution. With this certification, our customers can trust that J5 Consulting will utilize best practices and stringent quality assurance in every aspect of our services.  As a result, we consistently offer software that meets world-class standards so our customers can be assured of a lower risk for product delays, defects, or lack of satisfaction. 

Our enhanced quality process also extends throughout the wide range of services that we offer. That includes providing engineering and technology services, cloud-based solutions, system architecture design, staff training, and more. 

As every customer and project is different, ISO Certification ensures that the process for successful development and implementation of the necessary solution adapts to the specific needs of the customer while at the same time adhering to our company’s fundamental standards.

The Blueprint: Quality Management Principles 

The foundation of a solid quality management system is grounded on seven key principles. When followed and implemented on a consistent basis, these principles lead to enhanced value for our customers and their mission needs.

  • Customer Focus – Simply put, it means meeting and exceeding customer needs throughout the entire process for both current and future projects.  
  • Leadership – Ensuring that leadership throughout our company is focused and unified in meeting customer goals. 
  • Engagement of People – Making sure that every member of our organization is engaged, eager, and empowered to achieve their best each day. 
  • Process Approach – Understanding how internal processes and the people that managed them work together. This leads to more satisfying and consistent results. 
  • Improvement – Always being ready to see what needs to be improved, especially when reacting to changes in the external environment as it relates to our customers. 
  • Evidence-Based Decisions – Ensuring that decisions are made based on data and/or quantifiable reasoning to achieve goals. 
  • Relationship Manager – Making sure that all relationships, internal and external to the company, are effective and managed properly to ensure successful outcomes.

Quality management system ISO 9001:2015 Certification benefits our organization in many ways. Our newly enhanced system guides us daily on our processes, our workflows, and our teams and how they interact together to improve our company, our products, and the overall customer experience. We continuously challenge ourselves to improve. 

Solutions for IT Challenges – Now and in the Future

Today’s companies have a wide variety of choices when deciding upon an IT consulting firm. Knowing that J5 Consulting is ISO Certified inspires confidence that our products and services meet international standards and that J5 Consulting will aim to achieve excellence each day.  

J5 Consulting is committed to the success of every organization we serve. Whether you seek to enhance your current IT infrastructure or want to stay ahead of emerging cybersecurity trends and threats, we are always ready to help you reach your mission needs.